It can prove difficult in choosing what to wear on warm days or evenings in the summer, let alone finding that piece of jewellery that will give your outfit that bit of pizzazz or sharpness – but how should we be wearing them?

We spend most of our time wrapped up in a coat battling the wind, rain and overcast weather, with little chance to show off our expensive or nice looking garments.

Whether the occasion is formal or casual, walking down the beach or going out to dinner. Your jewellery can be that perfect accessory to your desired outfit.

After all, as the old saying goes – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – unfortunately, a lady can’t always afford her best friend!

Here are six tips to keep you footloose and fancy free when it comes to your pizzazz and your jewellery collection.

Keep It Chic and Within Fashion – Less is more sometimes when fitting jewellery together with an outfit, especially when it comes to jewellery. For example too many rings on one hand is not always a good look, take into consideration the other parts of your body that should be minimal if you still opt to wear a lot of rings, such as necklaces and earrings.

Work Around A Desired Piece – A Good way to accessorise your jewellery is by picking one piece to work around – It can be the statement to your whole outfit. Something bold and chunky, complimented by smaller items. Try to mix and layer your jewellery by thickness and size.

Beware Of Cheap Tacky Items – Avoid poor, fake imitations of certain jewellery types. Some fakes can leave a nasty looking green colour on your body.

Take Care Of Items Encroaching In Face Value – Depending on what you prefer when it comes to earrings, nose studs or any other such piercings on your face. Keep in mind your head/face shape when experimenting with different sizes.
Even small studs can add that touch of glitz and glam, which is sometimes associated with bigger sized earrings.

Consider a bracelet to give your arms that extra oomph – Whether that be a wide or narrow. But keep it between only one or two different designs.

A belt can separate your outfit incredibly well. For example, a black dress coupled with a brown or black belt can define your curves and best of all it’s simple.

Thinking you can’t wear certain things or wouldn’t even dream about thinking of trying something new?

It takes confidence to pull off certain jewellery and clothing, but the irony is you’ll feel confident in what you choose – because it’s you.

At Dino Gavanni we encourage unique, bespoke and personalised women’s custom accessories that can transform any outfit into a dazzling display – Love to look great, always!

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