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Do you wear the same ring day in day out, getting a little tired of the same old thing that has lost its pizzazz? Then maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

Apart from your wedding ring it might be a good idea to chop and change your jewellery methods from time to time – nevertheless, sometimes taste, budgets, and people change over time too. With this in mind, upgrading or modernising rings is very common after a long period of time with the same piece.

Many of our customers relish the chance of a new jewellery piece to wear, this not only gives you the feel good factor it can also jazz up your favourite outfit – for example, a statement necklace can be the go to garment for your extravagant event you’re attending at the weekend.

Some of our customers find their current jewellery doesn’t stand the test of time or have that all important durability to suit their current lifestyle or needs, sometimes it’s just purely down to wanting a different look.

Personal taste can change over the years – maybe you have a yellow gold ring and now prefer the appearance of white gold? Our team of experienced custom ring designers will work with you to find your new sparkling requirement – a well-designed ring is built in a way that all elements of the design work together to create a stunning and elegant look.

There are endless options to choose from at Dino Gavanni, we can be your partner to find the right piece of jewellery you’re after!

Our satisfied customers have enjoyed the results they’ve seen after modernising their choice into a new ring with a worthwhile design they’ll love for the long term.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking of upgrading your jewellery and our team of experts will walk you through the entire process from rings to necklaces, bracelets to earrings – we have every base covered.

Thinking about upgrading or modernising your jewellery? Get started by speaking to one of our experienced team members at Dino Gavanni – Call or email us today for any enquiries or questions.