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Whether you’re going out for a night on the tiles, attending a swanky soirée or simply having a piece of jewellery for everyday wear, it might be a tough decision to choose which type of metal to go for between Gold and Silver.

Once upon a time people used to be advised to stick with their skin tone. People with darker skin were to choose gold, while cooler complexions opted for silver. However, this is not a general rule that we each abide by today, as it can be limiting for those who want to wear what they want.

One rule worth sticking by though is not to overwhelm your skin tone with too much of a good thing, sometimes less is more in terms of jewellery in either shade.

Always believe in, because you are Gold…

If it works for Spandau Ballet, it might work for you too!

If you believe gold works for you, no matter what your complexion, then consider the colours and styling of your work, casual or top notch outfit. Many bohemian styles, as well as nautical and preppy fashions and vintage looks can benefit from a hint of gold.

Silver springs

Can Silver Springs propel you into the world of popularity? It certainly did for Fleetwood Mac during the 60’s right through to the mid 90’s!

Silver has been a go-to look for evening wear for decades. Maybe it’s because it has the ability to make diamonds and crystals glimmer like no other metal can. With this in mind, you may find elegant earrings and sleek cuffs after dark at any club or swanky restaurant. However, Silver doesn’t have to be all evening gowns and a whistle and flute, this tone can be dressed down just as easily. For all of its shine, silver looks particularly fresh when brushed or antiqued to a rich gunmetal.

Mix it up, wear it out!

Having said all this, sometimes we focus too much on one one metal and forget that the two can in fact be mix and matched if your jewellery is small, giving you that cohesive look you desire – just make sure that only some of the strands are bright while the rest are dull.

While it can be frowned upon to mix Silver and Gold shades, if you play it careful you might just re-write the rule book!

Whatever the event, whatever the occasion, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. At Dino Gavanni we encourage unique, bespoke and personalised women’s custom accessories that can transform any outfit into a dazzling display – Love to look great, always!

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